Saturday, December 27, 2014

Constructionist Learning Theory

“Constructionist learning theory tells us that we learn in a variety of ways. The more opportunities we have, and the more actively engaged we are, the richer our understanding."

 I strongly believe in this quote and I apply the principles of multiple intelligences as a regular part of my classroom instruction. According to this article, knowledge is a developed through the use of "tools, resources, experiences, and contexts." Something that I found very interesting is that the article stated that good teachers use experience as an instructional tool. I also feel that personal experience and making connections to prior learning is absolutely valuable to the learning process. To sum things up, I believe that every educator should apply a variety of strategies to make the learning process much more beneficial to all. The more opportunities the student has the more memorable the experience will be. As a result, the experience will lead to greater understanding!

Citation: Southwest Educational Development Laboratory, (1999). Learning as a personal event: A brief introduction to constructivism. Retrieved from